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Optimize time by increasing productivity with MyIntelli
Increase the productivity of your company and effectively manage the time worked and payroll of your on-site, remote, and field employees. From any device in a fast, simple, and intuitive way.
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Intelli Time Benefits

Our App has different Benefits.

Time Control and Tracking

Accurately monitor your employees’ time worked and raise your company’s efficiency level with MyIntelli.

In real-time, from any device and without worries, all are completely hosted in the cloud.

Specific Control and login systems for face-to-face, remote, or field employees.

More than 30 Widgets to quickly monitor and visualize each section, with a general monitoring panel and filters.

Quick calculation of overtime earned and tardiness.

Control and approval of incidents, such as absences, breaks, or leaves of absence.

Increased Productivity

Thanks to the automatic tracking of each employee’s work, MyIntelli maximizes the company’s productivity level.

Each employee is logged in in seconds, easily and securely.

Computer face detection marking profile allows you to track your employees' clocking in and out, lunchtime, and productivity during the workday.

Automatic Control of the use of useful, neutral, or unproductive applications, random screen captures, and Control of mouse and keyboard movement.

Filters by inactivity, productivity, neutral or unproductive.

Quick visualization of the status of work orders for each position.

Shifts and Incidents

With MyIntelli, shift sheets, and incident management will be under Control. Direct, dynamic organization available at a glance.

Assign shifts to employees individually or massively.

Shift changes and incident management.

Don't waste time planning schedules. With the employees clocking in and out, the system automatically assigns a shift according to the guessing group.

Approval of employee overtime and classification of the type of hours worked.

Detailed studies and statistics of shift management.


Manage your workforce anywhere and get accurate timesheets with MyIntelli’s GPS-based features.

Monitoring of the actual geographic location where the employee is located.

Ability to pre-define the geographic area from which the employee is to clock in.

Real-time display of the geographical map with the exact location of your employees.


Enjoy the convenience and reliability of an automatically generated timesheet that you can view and manage from any device.

MyIntelli Time automatically generates the timesheet, in which you quickly view all of your employees' attendance and time-related information.

A functional and user-friendly excel table, quick, easy, and intuitive to use.

All clockings are automatically recorded, and you can verify, approve or disapprove them.

News and Permissions

Manage news and permissions within the application.

Create and assign permissions individually or massively: breaks, procedures, leaves, pieces of training, etc.

Process requests quickly and easily.

At a glance, check the status of all permissions: accepted, rejected, on request.

Search by filters according to approval level, position, department, time period, etc.

Report Management

Check and know the details of all relevant information of your company regarding the efficiency and productivity of your employees.

Generation of reports in different types of digital formats of your choice.

Implementation of various information filters that speed up the search and availability of data.

Discover at a glance and accurately the weak points of a project and where you can save more time or money.

Payroll System Integration

MyIntelli enables the integration of administrative tasks so you and your team can focus on what’s important.

You have the ability to Integrate the Intelli Time app with the payroll system you use for automated employee pay calculation. It is compatible with all payroll systems on the market.

Approval of overtime payments earned by the employee.

Increased trust and confidence between you and your employees.

Marking Methods

The solution allows you to keep time control of the different work modalities handled by the organization, allowing you to manage in a single tool the different areas. The main characteristics of these modalities are:

Intelli Time has communication with a wide variety of biometric devices (fingerprint, face, iris) so that your employees can perform their attendance marking from your company or office.


Multiple biometric validation methods.

Agility when performing recognition.

Real-time information through the Internet.

State-of-the-art equipment.

Intelli Time has a system for employees who are in remote work. The system allows you to understand how your teams work, their level of productivity, and how they manage their time between tasks.



Application monitoring.

Permission requests.

Productivity measurement.

Shift visualization.

Facial recognition marking.

Computer activity detection.

Personnel administration.

Know the exact geolocation and time worked of your field employees. They themselves will be able to manage their markings from any location with our quick and easy-to-use mobile application.


Facial recognition checking in.



Employee route map.

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