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Intelli Access offers you a reliable and robust solution for managing access control to your facilities. The software has a scalable and modern infrastructure for information supervision and event monitoring.
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Benefits Intelli Access

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Access History

Does it have a Who entered? Option, which shows the list and graphs of the people who are within the organization and those who have already left.

Biometric Information Registration

Allows the registration of biometric information of the person such as signature, face, fingerprint, vein, iris, proximity card, the palm of the hand, and voice, among others.

Real-Time Monitoring and Control

It has a monitoring panel from where you will have the opportunity to view the records of people and vehicles quickly and easily.

It features in-plane monitoring, which allows you to upload your organization's floor plans, assign devices to them and control the transit of people through them.

Vehicle Registration and Access

Provides authentication and access to authorized vehicles through tag reading, high-frequency cards, or license plate recognition.


Displays all entries and exits of people and vehicles, changes in the blacklist, and unauthorized person markings in the different devices added to your company or organization.

Person or Vehicle Data

Taking all the basic data of the persons or vehicles to enter them into the system according to the roles assigned to them to later capture the biometric data.

Capacity Control

Monitor the maximum permitted capacity requirements with programmable devices that allow alerts in the event that the current permitted capacity is exceeded at any given time.

Configure Access Profiles and Schedules

You will assign access routes and time ranges in which the person will be allowed to enter the company or organization.


Intelli Access has sub-modules that will allow you to perform extensive monitoring and Control, giving you the opportunity to view the records of people and vehicles in real-time.

Intelli Guest allows you to manage and control the reception of visitors to different areas of your company or organization.

Manage and control the reception of visitors to different areas of your company or organization, giving you the possibility of constant monitoring in real-time.


Access control.

Real-time monitoring.

Scheduled visits of people and vehicles.

Agile and secure process.

Biometric information registration.

Self-registration stations.

Black List Management.

With Intelli Lunch, you can efficiently manage the food consumption that your company provides to employees.


Real-time monitoring.

Manages the different meal delivery shifts.

Allows the registration and validation of biometric information of people.

Efficient planning.

Integration with the Attendance module.

Intelli Coworking allows capacity control so that employees can make reservations for the different shared workspaces available in the physical infrastructure of the company or organization.

It allows the employee to visualize the workstations that are available according to the date and time selected.


Web Scheduling.

Capacity control.

Real-time monitoring.

Agile and secure process.



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