Get current solutions for Personnel Time Management and Control in the Manufacturing industry.
Thanks to the mobile application and biometric equipment, you will be able to supervise your employees’ workdays from the comfort of any device.

Innovative Benefits

MyIntelli App, your ally in the Manufacturing Industry

Maximum Productivity

Monitor the commercial or office employees of your choice.

Track and monitor employee productivity in the factory or on the move, thanks to GPS tracking.

Receive alerts on your device or via mail if your employees are late or leave their workstations.

Ease of Management

Check-in and check-out can be done from any device, Biometric, Pc, or Mobile Phone.

Know at a glance the status and location of the devices connected to the platform or work equipment you want to monitor.

Schedule and plan shifts and schedules individually or massively, with incident management, delays, overtime, and functions such as individual or group shift guessing, which automatically assigns a schedule based on the marking of each employee.

Increase your Profits

Thanks to the wide range of reports we offer, you can obtain complete and detailed statistics on your employees.

Automated and continuous monitoring of your employees will allow you to comprehensively keep track of all personnel in the production process, with the different jobs assigned.

Seamlessly view in real-time your team's work, status, incidents, and improvements, and apply solutions on the spot.

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