Keep Control of your personnel for each Technology Project
Thanks to the MyIntelli App mobile or web application, you can manage your team from the convenience of any device.

Innovative Benefits

MyIntelli App is your ally in Software Development

Manage your Software Development Projects with the best App in the market.

Maximum Efficiency

Elevate your business to the next level by working with an app specially designed to monitor Software Development and work teams.

Enjoy the convenience of state-of-the-art software, always at the forefront of technological advances in terms of monitoring the activity of your employees.

Discover a new way of working with all the updated information at a glance.

Increase Productivity

Developers can log in from any platform and device and, through the dashboard, track their work status and productivity level.

Automatically calculate hours worked by each employee for each project.

Receive alerts when your employees are late or leave their workstations.

Optimization of your Projects

Get up-to-date information on the activity status of your staff and the time required for each task, and easily plan your employees' shifts.

Ability to make adjustments to shifts, schedules, marking profiles, and updates as your project requires.

MyIntelli meets the needs of companies in the industry, allowing you to adapt to your business model.

MyIntelli App, your ally in Design

Optimize to the maximum the Management of your Design Projects.

Fluidity and Productivity

Allows you to make the marking with facial recognition for the check-in and check-out of your remote employees.

MyIntelli tracks productivity by detecting programs and apps used and automatically taking screenshots.

Applications can be classified as productive, neutral, or unproductive, depending on the work performed by the employee in the company.

Design to Another Level

Discover a new way of working with all up-to-date information at a glance.

Compare the time spent on each project and Design in detail, thus improving every part of the process.

Get up-to-date and concrete information on each employee's work, shifts, absences, progress, leave, and much more.

Compatibility and Development

MyIntelli's software is compatible with most payroll programs on the market, and we update it continuously.

Our software adapts to the needs of your company. We can develop it according to your business model.

Know the location of the personnel or work teams that you want to monitor, as well as the working time of your employees.

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