Keep Control of your personnel for each Services Project
Thanks to the MyIntelli App mobile or web application, you can manage your team from the convenience of any device.

Innovative Benefits

MyIntelli App, your ally in Cleaning

Keep everything under Control and maintain the Oversight of your entire Cleaning Team.

Optimization of every part of the Process

Have everything under Control by easily organizing employees and cleaning crews by zones and schedules.

Individual or mass timesheet scheduling, with incident management, delays, overtime, and much more. Includes automatic shift guessing function based on the clocking in and out of your employees.

View the location of each employee quickly, thanks to the GPS tracking system, as well as the status and location of the devices or work equipment you want to monitor.

Data Collection

In both office and home cleaning, employees will be able to clock in and out thanks to the wide variety of tagging profiles from any device.

Thanks to event monitoring, you receive alerts on your device or email of any incident presented by employees.

Visualize through reports the absences, tardiness, and time worked of your staff.

Better Results

The interface allows you to know detailed data of the work performed in each shift in real-time and dynamically.

Thanks to the wide range of reports, you will be able to improve your company day by day, increasing your profits and saving both time and personnel resources.

Decision-making and updates can be made immediately and easily, automating processes such as shift assignment, individually or massively.

MyIntelli App, your Real Estate ally

Optimize to the maximum the Time and Attendance Management of your Real Estate Projects.

All in One

Establish visits by zones or areas to attend, and keep track of each field employee.

Continuous monitoring of your employees through multiple marking profiles is very easy to use. You will be able to visualize the geolocation on the map of your sales representatives, as well as the use of registered devices in the office, among others.

Complete software for both small and large companies, with an intuitive interface and secure data control.

Productivity Control

Designed for the office and, most especially, to improve the productivity of your field employees.

Employees will be able to clock in and out thanks to the wide variety of marking profiles and from any device, with the convenience also of the automatic shift guessing system.

Receive alerts on your device if your employees are late or leave their workstations.

More Efficiency and Better Results

Streamline and carry out decision-making immediately and easily by automating processes such as shift assignment, individually or massively.

Compatible with other applications and perfect for keeping detailed track of employee work, the status of each operation, shifts, and much more.

Detailed reports and reports will help you improve your business day by day, increasing your profits in every operation.

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