The best Time Management and Personnel Control software for the Healthcare industry
Thanks to on-site biometric identification, you can monitor your employees’ workdays from the comfort of any device.

Innovative Benefits

MyIntelli App, your ally in Healthcare

Maximum Efficiency

In healthcare facilities as well as for home visitors and administrative staff, employees will be able to clock in and out thanks to the markings they can make from any device.

Get the location of each employee quickly, thanks to the GPS tracking system, as well as the status of the time worked, and the location of the workgroups you want to monitor.

Thanks to event monitoring, you will be able to receive alerts on your device or email either for tardiness, absences, or any other event for which you want to receive notifications.

Effective Staff Control

Know the time worked and the location of the personnel or work teams you want to monitor.

Streamlines and carries out decision-making immediately and easily, automating processes such as shift assignment, individually or massively.

Control and approval of incidents, such as absences, breaks, or work permits.

Save Time and Money

Detailed reports and reports will help you improve your business on a daily basis, increasing your profits in every operation.

You have the ability to integrate Intelli Time with the payroll system you use for the automated calculation of employee pay. It is compatible with all payroll systems on the market.

Complete software for both small and large companies, with an intuitive interface and data control security.

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