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MyIntelli is a cloud-based attendance and access control software that automates the process of registering people entering your company or organization using biometric identification equipment, cell phones, or computers.

Innovative Benefits

MyIntelli and its solutions


Accurately monitor your employees’ time worked and raise your company’s efficiency level with MyIntelli

Time Carding Management: Employee clock in and out easily through biometric devices, mobile App, or computer.

Hours Calculation: Control management and calculation of hours worked, overtime, daytime, nighttime, absences, tardiness, and leaves.

Shift Management: Assignment in a friendly way for the shifts corresponding to the respective workdays manually or automatically.

Review: Massive approval of incidents with the application of different levels of acceptance of companies that work with hierarchical methodology.

Payroll Integration: Compatible with most payroll systems in the market.

Increased Productivity

Thanks to the automatic tracking of each employee’s work MyIntelli brings the company’s productivity level to the maximum.

Computer face marking: Allows facial recognition for the check-in and check-out of your employees.

Application monitoring: The system detects all applications that are used on the computer and the time of use of them.

User profile: Applications can be classified as productive, neutral, or unproductive depending on the work performed by the employee in the company.

Random screenshots for audit and proof of work.

Computer activity where keyboard and mouse movement is monitored to report absence periods.


Have a secure space for your company’s workers and assets by controlling access with MyIntelli.

Monitoring: It has a real-time monitoring panel to visualize the records of people and vehicles that enter quickly and easily.

Biometrics: Allows the registration and validation of biometric information of people such as the face, fingerprint, veins, iris, palm, and voice.

Vehicles: Provides authentication and access to authorized vehicles through tag reading, high-frequency cards, or license plate recognition.

Verification in planes: Allows you to assign devices in a plane of your company to control and monitor the transit of people from a friendly interface.

Access profiles: To assign access routes and time ranges in which the person will be allowed to enter the company.


MyIntelli automates the process of receiving and identifying your visitors to make your company a reliable and secure place.

Access: For the Control of visitors who may enter your company or organization through the different means of access control, either pedestrian or vehicular.

Monitoring: In real-time of events and incidents related to active visits.

Programming: Of visitors so that they can enter the facilities in an agile manner.

Biometrics: Allows the registration and validation of biometric information such as the face, fingerprint, veins, iris, and palm.

Vehicles: Provides authentication and access to authorized vehicles through tag reading, high-frequency cards, or license plate recognition.

Self-Registration: Through our stations, visitors can self-register to automate and streamline the entry process.


Efficiently manage the food consumption that your company provides to employees.

Real-time monitoring: For visualization of the number of employees who have received their food and those who are yet to receive it, as well as incidents generated in the canteen.

Canteen shifts: Manage the different meal delivery shifts to have Control of the hours in which food is distributed in your company.

Biometrics: Allows the registration and validation of biometric information of people such as face and fingerprint to avoid impersonation in the taking of food.

Efficient planning: Avoids waste, embezzlement, or non-compliance in the delivery of meals in the canteen.

Attendance: Integrates with the Attendance module so that only people who have assigned shifts can count the food benefit.


Give the key to your workstations to those who need it with MyIntelli.

Reservation: The user sets aside their workstation to go to a branch office for the period of time they require.

Capacity: Manage the number of people who can enter and the number of jobs available for booking.

Monitoring: Consult in real time who occupies the workstations and which workstations are available.

Access: To control the areas to which employees will be able to access through the different means of access control associated with the reservation of the job position.


MyIntelli Modules

MyIntelli includes the following Modules

Intelli Time

Intelli Time allows the Control of time, attendance, and productivity. It has an interface with intuitive and intelligent functions that will provide the best user experience. 

Intelli Access

Intelli Access Access offers a reliable and robust solution for managing access control to your facilities. It is characterized as being a flexible and easy-to-use module, which allows its adaptation to the different needs of the client. 

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